How is telegram messenger better than other applications?

How is telegram messenger better than other applications?

Messenger applications are very much popular among people, and everyone is moving towards it. There are different kinds of messenger apps are located in the internet world, but telegram is one of the most reliable platforms. Telegram messenger was launched in 2013 by Brian Acton and Jan koum. These both formers are the employees of yahoo earlier. The messenger application has very interesting features which are very much interesting in usage.

The telegram is better as compared to other apps. If you want to know that how it is, then you should check out the given information in the post. We are here to discuss some things about the telegram messenger application which will help in proving that yes, it is a reliable source. You can even use Best Telegram Stickers to show your feelings to the people.

Cloud storage

It is the main reason why people used to adopt the telegram messenger. In the application, there is a cloud storage function which is used to store the text messages, pictures and videos also in their cloud. You can log in any other number from any number continuously without losing the data.

Media compression

There are many messenger applications in which you cannot compress the pictures and videos. With the help of the telegram messenger app, you can easily compress the media files and can send it to your contacts. You can use Best Telegram Stickers also with the media files.

Group members

In the telegram messenger app, there is a limit fixed for adding the participants in the group which is 200. If your group becomes the super group, then the limit can be exceeded up to 5000 also. In the super group, you will find some more interesting features as compared to the normal group.

Username contacts

In the application, you can communicate with any other people who are using the application even if you don’t have their contact also. It will ensure the privacy of the user’s contact number also.

Multi platform functioning

There are some messenger applications which are useful on some of the phones and desktop. In the case of telegram messenger application, you can use the application in Android, IOS, and windows phones also. In the desktop case, you can use it in Mac os, windows pc, linux os, and even through browsers also it can come in usage.

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