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Why to buy goji og strain online?

Goji is a typically a vine with many flavors and fruity elements. People used to drink which is made from red berries. It is basically found in the Himalayas region. Somehow people prefer to use in such a way whether for vape or to consume directly and many times they buy goji og strain online for their purpose. According to the research, it is a cultivated and organic product made with cannabis strains profiles which is directly related to health issues. Their fragrance is like spicy, herbal, sweet and licorice.

Goji is a type of vine plant which is usually found in 15-20 feet in height. This kind of goji berries is commonly found in Ningxia Province in China. It is basically a plant of purple-blue colored flowers and looks much attractive. Following are some points which might be responsible for showing the necessary information about goji og strains and why people prefer.


Various are the points which might be responsible for showing the importance of consuming Goji and how it may prefer.

  • To feel happy: People used to prefer such an element just to consume and feely happy and relaxation. Somehow many of us should make a habit of consuming daily and should take in raw form. There is a reason that these provide such useful and many benefits whether it is from health basis or enjoyment basis
  • Feel hungry: Consuming goji og is one of the best commodity to enjoy. However, if you are the one who consumes such elements the no doubt you surely feel hungry
  • Healthy effects: They might respond to gives you benefit regarding health issues. Hence, as a result, they provide many vitamins, minerals, and more nutrients to use in healthy items. If you are looking to buy goji og online then somehow the will provide a better product.
  • Prevent from diseases: Lots of things are happened when you consume harmful elements like drugs alcohol and weeds. Here according to the concept if you consume goji I daily routine it will prevent from many diseases.
  • Relieves mental stress: However it might be responsible to relieves mental stress. It is because many times people ate filled with many tension and stress. Hence, buy goji og online gives you a better quality material rather than go to market and purchase.

That’s why people use to prefer such elements in their life and consumes for their enjoyment.



Tips To Select A Perfect Professional Cleaning Service

Professional cleaning service cleans your whole house and office from deep corners. You can get your house and office so attractive and beautiful and can make a better impression. Professional cleaning service provides you with a healthy and clean environment. From which you can better live your life healthy and disease free.

Many more professionals are available in the markets which are providing cleaning services. Sometimes you will get confused which is the perfect professional for you. But you don’t need to worry more by following or considering some things you can make a better selection. Or you can get a perfect professional cleaning service by reading some tips.

Online reviews

As you know that many more professionals are available, you can make a better selection by checking online reviews. In today world every business has its website, and on that website you can better get the reviews. Or you can search on the internet about a particular company review. Checking the reviews allows you to know about every company or professional service. You can make a perfect decision regarding choosing any one professional cleaning service.

Referrals from friends or family

Getting referrals from friends and family allows you to choose a better professional service. Your friends can better give you advice as some of them are using these services. They can better tell you which the best professional that gives high-quality service. You can take better quality service by choosing the right one professional cleaning service.

Repudiated professional

In a market you can check out which professional is more repudiated. A repudiated and experienced professional can give you high-quality service. You can better see your house attractive and beautiful from inside and outside. Also, you can make a good impression in the eyes of home visitors by giving them a healthy and clean environment. With clean and healthy environment all of the people feel free, and they can breathe germs free air.


Location of professional cleaning service matters a lot while choosing any one of them. By selecting the nearest professional service allows you to get the fastest service. You just want to make a call and you get the cleaning person at your home or office. Closest professional cleaning service provides you with more benefit of the fastest service.

We can say that you can make a better selection by following some tips. Or for more information, you can check flyttstädfabriken.


The Expert Series Candice Schreiber On Veganism –

When I started down my path to health and wellness, I found myself faced with many questions; and I wished that I had an expert to field my, many, questions. When I thought back on this time I was lead to create The Experts Series; an interview series with expert in various fields of holistic health and nutrition.

First up, Candice Schreiber from The Healthy Herbivoreblog; she is a plant based nutrition consultant, opinionated writer, product reviewer and in my opinion, an amazing resource on the subject of veganism. Candice graciously participated in the series; and I know that many, including myself, will get a whole lot out of her answers!


Vitality Guide: You are an advocate for the vegan lifestyle, what are your tips for those looking to ease into a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle?

Candice Schreiber: A vegan lifestyle encompasses quite a bit of change so let’s look at each aspect. For food I will say, in my Utopia, no one eats animal based foods but I realize this can be a huge and intimidating leap for most people! Even I myself did not drop all animal based foods right away. So my tip for those looking to ease into it is to start with baby steps. Start phasing things out by swapping animal based for plant based. Instead of dairy milk try almond milk. Go meatless one to three days per week. Start using ground chia instead of eggs for baking. Experiment with vegetarian and vegan recipes. Slow and steady wins the race!

In addition to obvious part of changing your diet, veganism also advocates animal welfare. What this means is ensuring that the clothes that you wear or the makeup that you use does not contain animal products, was not tested on animals, etc. Again making a large leap can seem like a daunting task so phasing out is an option. For instance, when my Maybelline mascara ran out instead of buying the same brand I did my research and bought cruelty free mascara.

Making a lifestyle change is big but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I say go one step at time, do your research, and become an informed consumer.

Vitality Guide: There are many people that say veganism contributes to a lack in protein; what foods do you consider staples in your kitchen that ensure you are getting enough protein into your daily diet?

Candice Schreiber: There are many sources of protein in the vegan diet! In fact virtually all foods contain protein we are just conditioned to think quality sources of protein are animal based foods. Having said that here are staples I keep in my kitchen that are sources of complete protein (containing all essential amino acids):

Vitality Guide: How long have you been a vegan; and what changes have you noticed within your body?

Candice Schreiber: I’ve been vegan for 9 months. What I’ve noticed is that over the last nine months I sleep better, I don’t have breakouts, I am less bloated, I have energy all day, and I never feel weighed down. The one really big thing I’ve noticed is my hair and nails grow like crazy!

Vitality Guide: What is one thing that you do every day that contributes to your health?

Candice Schreiber: Aside from filling my body with delicious and nutritious foods, I meditate and do yoga. The mind and body are intimately connected. For overall optimal health I think it’s important to take care of your mind as well as your body!

Blaster/Voice SMS

Instant planner under finger prints, not on days
Set up an event with your friends, co-workers or family instantly with Blaster. You type in your meet up date/time and place information, hit the submit button and blast a phone call to all your compadres you want to bring together. Additionally, if you’re not certain of the exact time or place, you can set up options to let them vote: “Press 1 to meet at 1:30 pm. Press 2 to meet at 2:30 pm”. Then, after you’ve sent the blast, you can monitor who has picked up the phone, listened to the message and voted. The power of the Blast is now at your fingertips.

Guest Post Top Health And Nutrition Apps For Women

Five cost-effective, fun, and practical health tools especially for the ladies

Summer is just around the corner and that means the pressure is on to be bikini ready! However, if your gams a little less taunt than you’d like, you’ve probably already begun your summer shape-up routine. And what better way to keep yourself on track than with the following five health and nutrition apps for iPhone or Android devices.

My top picks for health and nutrition apps for women make it cost-effective, easy, and fun to stay focused on your health goals all year long!

1. Look Better Naked ($1.99 for iPhone)

From the famous book by the same name, the Look Better Naked app provides users with a simple, fun six-week plan to achieving your best and healthiest self. Combining an easy-to-follow nutrition plan mixed with a strength-training program that’s designed especially for women (so it focuses those problematic areas like the legs, butt, and thighs), this app will help you achieve a lean, hot, healthy body that you will be proud of. Plus, you won’t lax on your workouts with the apps handy calendar that syncs easily with iCal (your iPhone’s calendar) to remind you of your workout goals.

2. Green Smoothies ($1.99 for Android)

I never thought I’d say this, but I love green smoothies. The Green Smoothie app was created by The Raw Family who wrote a book with the same name. The app, like the book, serves up delicious advice and smoothie recipes, plus nutrient information on each yummy concoction. The great thing about this app is that regardless of what fresh ingredients you have in your fridge there is a delectable smoothie that you can make.

3. Hot Body Yoga (Free for iPhone)

Tone your bod while you balance your mind on the yoga mat. The hot body yoga mat is so invigorating and blissful that you will hardly know you’re melting fat when you use it. This app is ideal for yoga veterans and newbies alike. Workouts are led by yoga experts who effortlessly guide you through each asana (or yoga sequence) using step-by-step audio instructions and explain the practical health benefits each move has on your body and mind. You can use this app to choose your workout by difficulty, time duration, or even goal, blast fat, beat stress or depression, increase energy or mental prowess, and achieve complete mind-body balance.

4. Women’s Health Workouts ($1.99 for Android)

From the popular magazine of the same name, the Women’s Health Workouts app comes jam-packed with all the tools and advice you’ll need to sculpt a sexy, toned physique just in time for summer. The great thing about this app is that all 16 pre-loaded workouts and 130 searchable workouts can be performed in the gym, at home, outside, or on the go so you’ll never have any excuses to skip a workout again. Search the exercise database by goal, for instance, burn fat, sculpt your curves, tone your butt and gams, or strengthen and lengthen your entire body.

5. Slim Down Shopping List (Free for iPhone)

The Slim Down Shopping List app makes food shopping a cinch by optimizing your shopping list and featuring food recommendations for the healthiest, yummiest, and most convenient pre-packaged food, meats, dairy, and produce purchases in the grocery aisles. For busy moms and women on the go, I particularly love that this app features almost 250 of the healthiest processed foods, as well as advice for what to eat if you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, prevent heart disease or women’s cancer, strengthen teeth and bones, and even get your healthy carbohydrate fix without consuming too many unhealthy starches.

Author Bio
Jane Johnson is a writer for Going Cellular, a popular site that provides cell phone related news and commentary. It also features reviews on providers, their phones and accessories like the exclusive T-Mobile d3o phone cases that offer superior shock protection.

Food For The Busy Shaved Zucchini and Black Bean Salsa Salad

The holidays are in FULL swing, which for me means brainstorming and planning 2014; this month also heralds the beginning of a hectic season of catering. As I get busy during the day, I sometimes come up for air and realize I haven’t had food in hours, which leaves me hungry and scrambling for a sustenance.

This zucchini salad has quickly become my stand-by quick food source during the day, because it couldn’t be easier to prepare; this salad is an exercise in make ahead food! The salsa can be made ahead, and the zucchini can be shaved days in advance, so when the time comes for quick, high frequency food to fuel your day, this salad is ready in a pinch- it’s all assembly!

I want to stress the importance of food as fuel during stressful times; when we are under nourished AND stressed, the result is sickness. I don’t know about you, but getting sick during the holidays does all sorts of sabotage to my yuletide cheer. Raw food is a friend to us all during the winter, despite what you might think; because raw foods are brimming with nutrients that fortify the body and promote immunity- Eat RAW, be WELL!

In the nature of keeping it brief, because we are all phenomenally busy, I present to you Shaved Zucchini and Black Bean Salsa Salad- perfect food for the busy!

Shaved Zucchini and Black Bean Salsa Salad

1 lrg zucchini, washed and shaved with a peeler
3 roma tomatoes, diced
1/2 small onion, minced
2 tbsp cilantro, chopped
juice of 1 lime
1 jalapeno, seeded and minced
1 tbsp grapeseed oil
1/2 can BPA Free Black beans, rinsed and drained
1/2 tsp salt

In a bowl combine, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, onion, jalapeno and beans, and toss with lime juice and oil; season with salt and reserve.

When you are ready to serve the salad, fold in the shaved zucchini. PERFECT food for the busy!


Gluten Free Doesnt Equal Healthy

Gluten free everything has consumed a great deal of my thoughts over the last two weeks, as I am preparing for my Gluten Free 101 class; and as I prepare my lesson plan, I know that it is ever so important to stress that just because something is gluten free, doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. For some of us, gluten free living is mandatory for health reasons and for others it’s simply to lighten up, because the less cookies, cakes, pasta and bread that we eat the less calories, sugar and sodium we consume; but it is essential to be an informed buyer so you don’t get duped by this health craze a la mode.

Today’s guest author Samantha is going to dispel some myths, and show you how to be gluten free, healthy and fabulous!

Take it away Samantha:)

Going gluten free is quite the food trend. It’s true that the genetically processed, chemically altered wheat produced today is nowhere near the same wheat our ancestors harvested to make their daily bread. I’m all for the gluten free food trend, especially with the array of gluten free options today, going gluten free isn’t as difficult as we may think it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthier.

Read Your Labels!

As with any food we buy packaged, we should be conscious of the ingredients. There are tons of gluten free products on the market, some of which are loaded with unnatural preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, and high amounts of sodium. Gluten free cookies, donuts, crackers, granola bars are popping up at every grocery store. This doesn’t mean it’s ok to eat copious amounts of these foods, thinking that it’s a ‘healthier’ option. Gluten free simply means that the gluten protein has been removed from wheat. Almost all processed food contains gluten as it is commonly used as a thickening agent, binder or for flavoring (as a malt). If you have celiac and are allergic to gluten it can be somewhat difficult to find completely gluten free condiments and pre packaged products. However, many companies are launching completely gluten free products, making it easier to stock your fridge and pantry.

Keep it Simple

When it comes to grains, stick to brown rice, quinoa, millet or buckwheat. You can even find gluten free/wheat free oats for a quick and healthy breakfast option. All the above grains are great as savory or sweet dishes, making them versatile for any meal throughout the day. A great way to remember which grains contain gluten is by using the acronym B.R.O.W.S. Barley, Rye, Oats, Wheat and Spelt. This will come handy when cruising the grocery aisle!

What About Bread?

This is a question I get asked often! There are many gluten free bread options at the grocery store, but again you must read the labels! Many gluten free breads contain corn (potentially GMO and a high allergen for most people) and other starchy like ingredients such as potato. Choose a brand with minimal ingredients, low sugar or no sugar at all.

What If I’m Not Celiac?

Many people have adopted a gluten free diet even though they’re not celiac. Personally, I cut out gluten years ago to optimize digestion as I have a difficult time breaking it down. It definitely gives me funny tummy! The best way to check if you have gluten intolerance is to do an elimination diet. Cut out gluten (along with any other suspected food culprits) for 3 weeks. Then slowly re-introduce those foods one at a time over a 2-3 week period. Monitor how you react to each food. Most people find they have issues with digestion, break outs, headaches, and commonly experience increased joint pain.

Going gluten free doesn’t need to be over whelming. Stick to gluten free grains, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, choose organic meats/tofu/tempeh and sustainably harvested fish. This will ensure that you will not only avoid gluten, but that your diet will provide you with an array of nutrients for optimal health and longevity.

Guest Post 10 Healthy Sleeping Habits

According to studies, we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, so why do so many of us wake up without feeling refreshed? If the sound of your alarm fills you with dread and you stumble around in a daze every morning, it may be worth considering a change to your sleep habits. Without even realizing it, you could be leaving yourself sleep deprived. Following a few simple tips could help you get a better quality of sleep, leaving you more awake and alert and ready to face the day.

Top 10 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

1)      Most adults need to be sleeping in their beds for around 7 – 9 hours a night, yet we frequently stay up much later than we should and don’t get the recommended amount of sleep we need. Set a regular bedtime that allows enough time for sleep before the alarm goes off; this makes waking up at the right time in the morning much easier.

2)      It will take at least three days to catch up with the amount of sleep you actually need, so don’t be tempted to lie in bed on the weekends. If you do happen to have a late night on a Friday or Saturday, don’t try to catch up the following morning, as your sleep pattern will be out until the middle of the working week. If you can’t face going to bed at 10pm on a Saturday (and let’s face it – most people can’t), try waking up at a reasonable time on Sunday, so you aren’t out of sync during the week.

3)      But what if you find it difficult to get to sleep in the first place? Getting a good night time routine can help you unwind before you hit the sack. Try a relaxing bath with essential oils such as lavender; and there is nothing quite like a good book before bed to help you nod off.

4)      But make sure that book isn’t too exciting. It’s easy to get over stimulated before bed, which can make it harder to settle down and get to sleep. Although watching TV can feel relaxing, it can stimulate your mind and the light from the screen will trigger melatonin, the chemical that keeps you awake.

5)      Keep the TV out of your bedroom. In fact, many experts say that the only activity that should happen in the bedroom is sleep…and, ahem, another activity.

6)      Avoid heavy meals a few hours before bed. Although some people find that a light snack will actually help them sleep, a large meal will cause restlessness. A turkey sandwich which is high in tryptophan, a sleep inducing chemical or a banana with cereal is an excellent evening snack option.

7)      Don’t drink too much just before going to sleep. Caffeine should be avoided from early afternoon onwards; and soft drinks, chocolate and even painkillers can also contain caffeine. So read the labels, there could be sleep impeding ingredients hidden in your cupboard and medicine cabinet.

8)      Alcohol can contribute to a restless night’s sleep, thus leaving us sleep starved; so it’s best to avoid it. And water can result in numerous trips to the bathroom, so watch your intake just before bed.

9)      Getting some sunlight and exercise during the day can have an enormous effect on our sleep quality. On average, we spend too much time sitting in artificially lit offices. Getting outside in the sunshine and burning off some energy can have a huge impact on regulating sleep patterns.

10)   Finally, make sure that your bedroom is a relaxing place to be. A cool, dark bedroom is essential to help you get the quality of sleep needed to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Author Bio
Zoe is an avid blogger and experienced freelance writer, and loves to share her knowledge through content on the internet. Zoe is currently writing on behalf of bed superstore Archers Sleep Centre.

Seasons Eatings Christmas Dinner Preparation Guide

Have you ever watched the show “Come Dine with Me”? Where regular home cooks battle it out with other contestants to host the best dinner party. I cringe and often scream at my television wondering why people eschew the importance of a prep list; I also wonder out loud, why people choose to make items they have never made before, in a pressured situation? Christmas is like the every man’s “Come Dine with Me”, so before we proceed, let me reiterate, DO NOT attempt dishes you or someone in your family has never made; who needs the stress?!

The following is my timeline for my Christmas dinner prep; I understand that your meal may look very different from mine; so use this as a guide!

December 22nd
Ideally all your groceries have been purchased, and this is the day to get yourself organized. Gather everything you need to make Christmas dinner come together; for example, I wash all the dishes and pull out any roasters, baking pans etc. that I’ll need on Christmas day.

I also make all the dessert components on this day. Dessert is often able to be frozen and thawed with ease. On the 22nd, I bake my cakes and cookies and any adornments they require; in addition to making my cranberry sauce. NOTE unless you are really confident with dessert, skip the fussy stuff. Trust me on this one.

If your turkey is frozen, you want to thaw it in the refrigerator today.

December 23rd
Set the table. It seems early, but again, it’s just one less thing to have to do. I stale my bread and cook my quinoa for stuffing on the 23rd; in addition to weighing out spices and seasoning. I do this because it eliminates the amount of stuff on the counter when I’m cooking Christmas dinner; I’m very sensitive to kitchen mess.

December 24th
The 24th is the day when things start to pick up. I get an early start on the 24th because I always have a family gathering in the evening. One year, I imbibed slightly too much on the 23rd and got a very late start on the 24th- I paid when making Christmas dinner the next day.

Today is a HUGE prep day. I peel my carrots, peel and cube my celery root and potato(storing them in water until Christmas day); I suggest you prepare all your vegetables today- minus the actual cooking of course. The morning of the 24th, I place my thawed turkey in brine; but I want to note, in Edmonton a garage is cool enough for me to store my brining turkey until Christmas day, 0C-4C is the ideal refrigeration range; be sure that wherever you’re brining your turkey that you adhere to refrigeration temperatures.

Don’t forget to thaw your desserts!

Right when I wake up, before opening gifts, I take the turkey out of the brine, rub it liberally with organic butter, season, stuff with rosemary, orange, onions and garlic; and then wrap with parchment paper (parchment paper turkey).

Then it’s time to open presents and pop bubbly; I’m generally all set up so I can relax and enjoy the lazy pace of Christmas morning!

4 hours before guests are set to arrive, I ice my cakes, and get my dessert finished and plated; if they aren’t temperature sensitive, I put them on the buffet. Once I finish the desserts, I start on my stuffing; with generally around the 3 hours left.

Once the stuffing is baking, I get my celery root and potato boiling- which takes about 20 minutes. While this is happening, I season my carrots, get them spread out onto a roasting sheet and set aside until there’s 30 minutes until guest arrive; I do the same for the Brussels sprouts!

By this time, the stuffing is finished. I am lucky to have a warming drawer at my disposal, so I put 2 generous globs of organic butter (it’s Christmas dinner after all) on the stuffing, cover it and keep it in the warmer. If you do not have a warming drawer, simply add butter, cover, and before serving, fire it in an oven to warm through; the butter will keep it moist.

After the potatoes and celery root are finished boiling, I drain them and while they are still hot, I mix them with my coconut oil reduction until they are smooth and effortlessly creamy. I do the same process of butter and cover.

By this time, the turkey is ready to rest before carving, click HERE to find out how to know your turkey is done; once the turkey is out of the oven, and there is about an hour until guests arrive, I place my carrots and Brussels sprouts into the oven to cook.

In the meantime, I heat the cranberry sauce on the stove top.

When the turkey is being carved, and guests are arriving, I pour myself a drink because the hard part is over!

Once the turkey is carved, it’s time to feast, I always put the side dishes on the buffet first, and when everyone is salivating about the imminent feast, that’s when we WOW them with the bird. Then we break bread over a lovingly prepared Christmas dinner, enjoying a beautiful evening with family and friends.

In Summary
I hope this guide helps you navigate the waters of Christmas dinner preparation. The key to remember is BE PREPARED, and stick to what you know; it’s your day to enjoy too!

I wish you all the happiest of holidays and a tasty and stress free Christmas dinner; thank you so much for reading, liking, sharing and being so supportive to the Vitality Kitchen in 2013. I wish you health and abundant wealth in 2014!

Looking forward to 2014? Cleanse with the Vitality Kitchen 7 Day NOURISH Cleanse- click here to learn more!

Coconut Sugar Benefits- Coconut Blueberry Muffins

This weekend I will be at the National Women’s Show on the Cooking Stage demonstrating how to cook with alternatives to sugar, with a focus on coconut sugar benefits.  I will be there at 5:00-5:30pm on Friday evening and 2:15-2:45pm on Saturday afternoon. I will also be at the Organika Health Products booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so if you are in the Toronto area, please do stop by and say hello; it’s going to be a great weekend!

What can be said about white sugar that hasn’t already been said? It rots our teeth, makes us fat and, as women, excessive white sugar intake messes with our hormones; all in all white sugar is bad news. It’s funny, just the other day on Facebook I was debating, very heatedly, the perils of aspartame to almost no avail; and someone asked (with more than a hint of snark) that it’s better than white sugar- to which I responded, “THEY’RE BOTH BAD”. This is where I left the conversation for fear of saying something that I may regret; but I digress. There are many alternatives to sugar, none of which contain the word aspartame.

The  coconut sugar benefits are long and storied; and it has been in my cupboard for over nine months now and I haven’t looked back since. Of course I believe that raw honey has its merits, but when it comes to baking or adding a hint of sweetness to my morning brew, I always use coconut sugar. Recently, as the world is coming to understand the many reasons we should avoid sugar, the sap of the coconut flower is gaining steady popularity; and not only does it add a light caramel flavor but it provides key vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Nutritional Powerhouse

The coconut sugar benefits are enviable; from vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 to potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. But I’ve noticed some confusion over brown sugar, so let me clarify; brown sugar has the same effects on the body as white sugar and bears the same glycemic load, 64. Comparatively speaking, when you look at the difference between brown sugar and coconut sugar, coconut sugar has three times more iron the brown, four times more magnesium and a whopping ten times more zinc, and it doesn’t stop there; coconut sugar contains 16 amino acids, with a supreme amount of Glutamine, which is necessary for synthesizing muscle protein and attaining greater cell volume.

Glycemic Load

You’re probably wondering how coconut sugar stacks up against the other alternatives to sugar. Well, coconut sugar has a glycemic index of 35, which makes it low glycemic and, therefore, attractive to diabetics; and although agave nectar is even lower at 15, it is highly processed and taxing on the liver. Now, we all know that my love for honey is great, and it clocks in with a glycemic index of 30; but this number is for raw honey only, which comes complete a slew of health benefits. If you are consuming pasteurized honey you are no better off than if you were to consume white sugar, it’s highly processed and, again, stresses the liver.

Flavor Profile

Despite what the name would suggest the flavor of coconut sugar is that of light caramel and not coconut; this is because it is made from the flower and not the coconut itself, so there is no fear of a bossy coconut flavor manhandling your dishes. When buying the deliciously sweet nectar look for small granules that are light to medium brown; and beware of imposters. If your coconut sugar is clumping, it’s a fake! Organic coconut sugar does not clump, so if yours is clumping, it has very likely been cut with brown sugar.

The Piece De Resistance!

This muffin recipe is chalked full of coconut, from the coconut oil, coconut milk and the shredded coconut, so this dish I decidedly coconut; but if coconut is not your thing, feel free to substitute with hemp seed milk, olive oil and omit the coconut shreds but keep the coconut sugar- making the other substitutions won’t alter the final product at all. This also happens to be a gluten free snack; and it’s important to note that when baking gluten free it’s easiest to go with a blend. You could go the route of blending your own GF flour, but this route is that of trial and error; with the operative words being trial and error- and there will likely be a great deal of error, it’s the nature of the gluten free beast.

Gluten Free Coconut Blueberry Muffins

1 ¾ cup gluten free flour blend (I used Bob’s Red Mill)
2 teaspoon gluten free baking powder
½ teaspoon gluten free baking soda
2 teaspoon gluten free xanthan gum
½ teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon ground ginger
¼ teaspoon salt
1 large egg
½ cup Organika Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
¾ cup coconut milk
½ cup Organika Coconut Oil, melted
½ cup shredded coconut + additional for topping
½ cup blueberries
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350OF.

In a large bowl, mix together gluten free flour, baking powder, baking soda, xanthan gum and spices.  In a separate bowl, lightly beat egg and mix with sugar, coconut milk, coconut oil and vanilla.  Add the dry ingredients to wet and fold gently.  Then fold in shredded coconut and blueberries.  Divide among 12 muffin cups and bake for 20 min, or until tester comes out clean.  Let cool for 5 minutes before removing from muffin tins.

Keep in an air tight container up to 2-3 days.  Can be frozen