Top Qualities Of A Good Cosmetic Doctor

Top Qualities Of A Good Cosmetic Doctor

Cosmetic surgery means medical treatment taken by the person to change appearance of body when person is not happy with his appearance. This particular surgery changes the shape of body, like shape of nose or shape of eyes etc. Cosmetic surgery is done by professionals and they are considered as cosmetic doctor.  Cosmetic doctor have special skills and experience. If anyone wants to hire a cosmetic doctor such as Dr Omarjee then there is a need to take care of following aspects.

Expert in his work

He should be expert in cosmetic surgery. You can ask your friend or family for any recommendation of any cosmetic doctor. They may suggest you a good doctor But don’t take decision based only on their suggestion.

Technical expert

He should have technical ability to do cosmetic treatment with grace. He should have all equipment which will help in surgery and he should know the proper use of equipment. It will show the quality of his work.


Cosmetic doctor should have experience of much surgery he has done. Experience is most important thing that is considered while choosing doctor because doctor has to face many general problems only experienced doctor can come with the solution.


Doctor should have a certificate certified by association of medical. Certificate means person is qualified and done his education and he has got training. It also means he has done all research in this and he is ready to do surgery.


Some doctors have their websites so you can go log into their websites and check the feedback of customer. You can ask to somebody who has taken surgery before. You can check records before taking surgery from medical board every state has medical board. If his record is clean then you can work with him.


Cosmetic surgery is not the place where you can always be right. Doctor can give advice and can give his opinion but he has no control over the results because sometimes customer is expecting much and that expectation may not make sense sometimes so customer should be practical.

Past results

Doctor should be able to provide you with before and after surgery photos where you can see the result clearly and can see doctor’s quality.

Don’t make advance payment

Sometimes some doctors ask for advance payment for surgery but don’t make it because some doctors don’t refund it and you will be locked because you have given him advance.